To the Presidents of the National Scientific Orthodontic Societies of Europe

Dear President,

Several orthodontic societies decided to create an European Federation of Orthodontics [in Latin called Foederatio Europea Orthodontica (F.E.O.)] based in Brussels. 
The aim of the federation is to establish and develop good relationships between the national scientific orthodontic societies of the European Continent.
The F.E.O. is not a new scientific society, but it is an organization of structured and formal communication, coordination and cooperation between the orthodontic societies. 
The F.E.O. does not aim to organize scientific meetings and will not publish any scientific journal. On the contrary, through its function the F.E.O. will create a network in which all scientific activities (i.e. congresses, symposia, courses, journals, bulletins, etc.) of each member society will be widely publicized and, if possible, harmonized. 
The F.E.O. does not replace or compete with existing regional associations and societies. The European Orthodontic Society (E.O.S.) is a scientific society whose members are individuals. The F.E.O. has as members individual societies (one per country). Also the European Federation of Specialists Associations (E.F.O.S.A.) is a professional organization in the European Union with syndicate objectives.
Given the fact that all national scientific orthodontic societies in our continent share the same type of activities and functional challenges, it seems obvious that such a network will be only mutually beneficial and constructive.
We sincerely hope that your society will join the F.E.O. and it will actively contribute to the promotion of Orthodontics in Europe. 
We look forward to receive at the earliest possible your comments and suggestions. Following your reply, we will provide you with information concerning F.E.O.s next General Assembly. 

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

The FEO Board