FEO Awards

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The FEO Award has been created to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions in research and clinical investigations that have advanced the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

Each year the FEO will appoint one award for the best paper published, within the previous two years, in the national journal of an FEO Member Society. Papers are eligible provided that they are original.

The objective of the award is to encourage and enhance the publication of results of original research and clinical applications of orthodontic interest. The winner will be awarded a certificate and an honorarium at the discression of the Board.

Protocol for submission.

1. The Presidents, or nominated person, of FEO Member Societies will be asked to select the best two articles published in the official Journal of the Society.
2. The articles must be original.
3. The articles must have been published in the journal within the preceding two years to the award.
4. At least one of the authors must be a member of a National Orthodontic Society of FEO.
5. The FEO Secretary-General must receive the articles by the date announced.
6. No late submissions will be accepted.
7. Two copies of each article must be sent to the Secretary-General.
8. If the articles are not published in English they must be accompanied with an authenticated English translation.
9. The selected papers will be anonymised before submission to the award committee.

Award committee.

1. The Board of Directors of FEO and the Presidents of the Member Societies composes the Award Committee.
2. If a society has a representative on the Board of Directors of FEO that representative will serve on the award committee.
3. The award committee's decision will be final.

Selection will be based on.

1. The scope of nominee's research, with special emphasis being placed on its impact on Orthodontics.
2. The implication of the results on clinical applications.


  • 2007.

    Dr.Steve Chadwick


     FEO AWARD: J.Stirling, G. Latchfird, D.O. Morris, J.Kindelan, R.J. Spencer, H.L. Becker. “ ElectiveOrthognatictreatment decisión making”. JournalOrthodontic June. 2007.


      FEO AWARD : Paola Cozza, F.Ballanti, M.Castellano,andE.Fanucci. Progress in Orthodonticsissue 9/2008 (Italy). “The role of computertomography in theevaluation of orthodontictreatment in adultpatientswithobstructivesleep apnea síndrome (OSA)                 


     S. Mehdi, M C Mano, O.Sorel, G Cathelineau, .“ Airabrasion of enamel”. Orthodontiefrancaise. 80 , 2009.


     FEO BestClinicalPaper: Jose ChaquesAsensi (Spain). “Theextraction of a lowerincisor in Orthodontics: Indications, planning of thetreatment and clinicalhandling in differentmalocclussions. Ortodoncia Española.

    FEO AWARD: N.A. Mandall, R.Cousley, A.DiBias, D.Fiona, S. Littlewood, R.Mattick, S.Nute, B.Doherty, N.Stivaros, R.M.McDowall, I. Shargill, H. Worthington.çClass III skeletalpattern, earlyorthopedictreatment, p: 15 monthsfollow up. Journal of Orthodontic. 37 (3) 149-161. Sept. 2010rotraction facemaskrandomizedcontrolled trial


    FEO BestClinicalPaper: Mehmet Bayran, MetinNur. “Upper Molar distalizationwith a new tooth and miniscrewsupportedappliances. A ckinicalstudy.

    FEO Award:AngelikaStellzig –Eisenhauer,EvaDecker, Philipp Meyer-Marcotty, ChristianeRau,BrittaS.Fiebig,WolframKress,KathrinSaar,FranzRuschendorf, NorbertHubner, Tiemo Grimm, Emil Witt,BernhardH.F.Weber. “PrimaryFailure  of eruption (PFE). Clinical and molecular GeneticsAnalysis” .


    FEO  BestClinicalPaper: NickyAnneMandall, Richard Cousley, Andrew DiBiase, Fiona Dyer, SimonLittlewood, RyeMattick, Spencer Nute, BarbaraDoherty,  NaiaStivaros, Ross McDowall,InderjitShargill,Amreen Ahmad, Tanya Walsh and Helen Worthington. “Isearlyclassprotractionfacemasktreatmenteffective?. A multicentrerandomized ,controlled trial: 3-year follow –up”. Journal of Orthodontics 2012.Vol 39. 176-185.

    FEO Award 2012:Comparingcharacteristics  in lateral cephalograms of thedentoalveolar and skeletalcomplexes ,thepharyns, thesoftpalate and thehyoidbone of patientswithobstructivesleep apnea síndrome withorwithoutmetabolic síndrome. “. HellenicOrthodonticReview, 2012. 15: 63-80.

    SofiaK.Mavroudi, EufimiaDaskalopoulouVlachogianni, AthanasiosE.Athanasiou.


    FEO BestClinicalPaper: Dr.Chilles (France). “Unorthodoxorthodontics: incisor palatal root torque withouttorqueing”.

    FEO Award. Dra. Diercke. (Germany). “IL-1 b  and compressiveforces lead to a significantinduction of RANKL –expressioninprimary human cementoblasts.”


    FEO Award: KatjiaDiercke, Annette Kohl, Christopher J. Lux, RalfErber..“ IL-1B compressiveforces lead to a significantinduction of RANKL –expression in primary human cementoblasts.”. Journal of OrofacialOrthopedics. 2012. 70, 397-412.

    FEO BEST CLINICAL PAPER:  Daniel Chilles. (France).

    “ Unorthodoxorthodonticsincisor palatal root torque withouttorquing”.  Orthod Fr  2013.  84, 271-278.


    FEO AWARD: C.Kirschneck, P.Proff, M. Maurer, C. Reicheneder, P. Romer. (Germany)

    “Orthodonticforcesadd to nicotine-inducedloss of periodontal bone”.

    DOI. Springer –Velay Berlin Heidelberg 2015.

    FEO BEST CLINICAL PAPER: Marco Rosa, EricaFrumusa, PatriziaLucchi, Alberto Caproglio. “Earlytreatment of Class III Malocclussionby RME and facemasktherapywithdeciduousdentitionanchorge”.  SIDO.



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