Internal Rules

Article 1: The Vote.
The number of votes attributed to the representative of each national society, member of the F.E.O., is calculated as follows:
Each voting member is entitled to:
- 10 votes, no matter the numeric importance of his organisation;
one supplementary vote per 100 members for organisations with 0 to 1000 members (ex: 500 members: 10+5= 15 votes);
one supplementary vote per 250 members for organisations with 1000 to 2000 mem-bers;
one supplementary vote per 500 members for organisations with 2000 to 4000 mem-bers;
The list of members of each organisation must be submitted to the General Assembly (GA) at least six months prior to the session.
Article 2: The Administrative Council.
The Executive Committee is accountable to the General Assembly. It is composed of five members:
The President: he represents the Federation in all circumstances. He gives the Federation the necessary impetus for it to attain its statutory goals. He is responsible for establishing the minutes of meetings after having consulted with members of the GA.
The Vice-President: he helps the President and assumes his duties in the event of his absence.
The Secretary General: ensures that the law of 25 October 1919 is upheld and is the liaison be-tween the Executive Committee and the affiliated organisations. If the General Secretary does not live in Brussels, an assistant secretary will be appointed for him. The assistant secretary will ensure the day to day functions and be responsible to the Executive Committee.
The Treasurer: prepares the budget, oversees expenses and the payment of subscription fees and will also submit an annual financial statement to the GA. 
The Administrator: must be of Belgian nationality. His presence in the Board of Directors or Ex-ecutive Committee, is required in order to comply with the Belgian Law of 25 October 1919. He en-sures that this Law is strictly adhered to. His responsibility is restricted to this duty.
The Executive Committee will be convened by the President for a meeting at least twice per year.
Article 3: Subscription Fees.
The national organisations affiliated to The Foederation Europea Orthodontica pay the FEO :-
- An enrollment fee equal to one "ECU" for each full member of their association. A full member is a member who is enrolled in the society and who pays his membership fees regularly.
- An annual subscription fee of one "ECU" for each full member.
Subscription fees will be paid by March 1 each year.
The amount of the subscription fee shall be fixed every year by the General Assembly after going through the report by the Treasurer.
A national society may present itself to the General Assembly and obtain, under exceptional circum-stances, a reduction of the total amount of the fees.
Article 4: The Congress.
Every year, the FEO shall organise a national congress and contribute to its promotion and success of it. The choice of the venue shall be decided by the General Assembly.
Article 5: Founding Committee.
The Founding Committee will bring together the people who have rendered outstanding services to the FEO, and above all those who created it. The Founding Committee fulfils a consulting role in maintaining the initial spirit of the Founding Fathers of the FEO.
The Founding Committee gives its opinion on request by the Board of Directors or the General As-sembly as follows:
- in cases where there is a disagreement between two affiliated members or a misinterpretation of the bylaws,
- concerning the admission or exclusion of a new organisation,
where there are bylaw modifications.
Article 6.
The bylaws of the FEO are conform to the Belgian Law of October, 25 , 1919 reviewed and modified by the Law of 6 December 1954 in regard to non profit making organisations. Any modifi-cation to these bylaws will be published within a month in the "Moniteur Belge",